Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Was asked to do this, "About Me" ;)

Assalamualaikum.  Hello!

It's been a long time I have not post anything here.
Ohh, actually this is my first entry for this year. HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! Hee :D
You can see my title for this entry, right? Okay, this is my assignment for the ITC 400 subject. My lecturer for this subject is Madam Hajjah Fazilah binti Haji Ismail. She was assigned us to make a blog but since I already have it, so I will not wasting my time to create a new one. But for this time being, my entry will be in English instead of Bahasa or 'rojak' one for the whole semester. Whoa! I am so afraid, no one will read my blog anymore. Hehe :D

Okay, here is my first assignment. Check it out!

The name given is Siti Norsheda binti Zainudin. I was born in Kota Bharu on 29th November 1988. I am the fifth of six siblings. I feel grateful for being the fifth because I have three brothers, one sister and one younger brother.  Since I was the youngest sister, other than my parents, they also helped me a lot in whatever I do. My family was graced with the presence of two sisters-in-law, three nieces and one nephew. Okay, I do not know what to write anymore since it is just about me. Oh yeah, my family would call me Sheda except for younger brother, he would call me Kak Da (sometimes my parents also call me Kak Da since only me and him who staying at home) and my nieces & nephew would call me Cik Da. I love being around them so much.  No words could describe it. Whatever it is, I will stick with my own principle, FAMILY FIRST

My early education was at Sek. Keb. Banggu, Sek. Men. Keb. Kubang Kerian 1 and now at UiTM Shah Alam. I am taking Textile Technology course in degree level. Before entering university, I studied computer courses in Cosmopoint for 3 months and at the same time I went to driving classes. I also worked with my cousin as a caterer during the holidays after SPM while waiting for the examination results and approval of the university.

That is all for now. Till we meet again. :D

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